Heger Grinder Pumps


A Grinder Pump “grinds” waste into a fine slurry and pumps it wherever it needs to go. Grinder pumps are installed when one has to pump into a pressurized sewer main or for grinding food waste in and around digesters.

60Hz HGM2-P
Discharge Connection – (inches) 2″ (50 mm)
Submersible Motor Range 7.5 Hp – 20 Hp
Max Flow Range 150 gpm  (34 m3/h)
Max Shut-Off Head 350 ft  (110 m)
Solids Handling  0.393″  (10 mm)
Impeller Type Multi Channel
Power Supply 230/380/460/575 volts All
Cooling jacket system -optional Yes
Max Starts/Stop per hour 15
Motor- VFD rated 2/4 Poles

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