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Flow capacities: to 2500 gpm
Working pressures:  to 1500 psig (MAWP)
Differential heads: to 700 feet
Operating temperatures: from -150�F to 600�F
(to 750�F with external cooling)
WMDA API-685 Centerline
  • CD4-MCU

  • Ductile iron

  • Alloy-20

  • Titanium

  • Incoloy 825

  • Hastelloy C-276

  • Monel-400

MCH pumps are fabricated from solid Simona polypropylene (PP) or polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), for resistance to internal or external corrosion. CNC-machined from high density stock, MCH pumps greatly resist permeation and migration of solvents and corrosives. Thick walls and heavy-duty components add strength, stability, thermal insulation and resistance to deformation in even the most demanding applications.
Flow capacities: to 550 gpm
Working pressures:  to 150 psig
Differential heads: to 180 feet
Operating temperatures:  -40�F to 200�F
Power capabilities: to 30 hp
  • Simona� Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyvinylidene flouride (PVDF)


PROMAG Series M thermoplastic sealless centrifugal pumps provide high reliability with emphasis on optimum chemical compatibility. A durable, cost-effective solution for routine process work or OEM installations.
Flow capacities: to 140 gpm
Working pressures:  to 150 psig
Differential heads: to 90 feet
Operating temperatures: 0�F to 180�F


Metering Solutions



LEWA ecodos

Mechanically actuated diaphragm

Four layer sandwich diaphragm

Leak detection standard!

Multiplex up to 12 heads on a single motor

2 year warranty on diaphragm!

4 year warranty on drive unit


LEWA modular 

Hydraulically actuated diaphragm

PTFE double diaphragm

Integral leak detection standard!

0.5% metering accuracy

Multiplex multiple heads for recipe metering (blending) or pulsation reduction

Maximum pressure of 5000 psi on PTFE diaphragm

Maximum pressure  of 17,500 psi with metal diaphragm.

Flows to 13,000 gph per head


LEWA triplex

Heavy duty process pumps utilizing modular hydraulic pump heads.

Metal diaphragm, PTFE diaphragm and plunger designs available.

Design and fabrication of auxiliary equipment (dampeners, piping, valves, instrumentation, motor controls, etc.) can be performed by American Lewa, Inc.


LEWA hygienic and sanitary

Mechanical and electropolish to <20 ra

Hermetically tight, sealless

Easy to cip/sip

Low shear, low hold up volume

Meets 3-A standards

Sanitary connections


LEWA systems

American Lewa takes pride in providing complete systems  Dampeners, Valves, Piping, Controls, Baseplates and other equipment can all be integrated into a turnkey package with sole-source responsibility.  Complete system development from concept to startup can be performed by American Lewa.

Mixing Solutions




VISCO JET a revolutionary new MIXING SYSTEM with a remarkable new patented mixer element.
  • new revolutionary mixer element shape
  • 1/3 of the power consumption (HP) of any standard mixer !
  • little to no product degradation (i.e. strawberries stay strawberries in yogurt)
  • foldable mixer for small tote tanks capable of entering tanks with openings from 5.5" (144 mm)
  • bottom entry and top entry standard or MAG drive mixers are available



SUPRATON In-Line-Homogenizers are installed in industrial processes for preparation, dispersion emulsification, conversion and processing of a variety of products.




Mechanical Seals

A complete line of cartridge and component mechanical seals for process pumps. Our seals incorporate liquid shear pumping to remove heat from the seal faces, and can be operated with a pressurized barrier or non-pressurized buffer fluid system.





Dewatering Pumps

Our pumps are designed to cover the widest range of applications in the Construction, Municipal, Petrol-chemical, Mining, Utilities and Marine industries. Many models are offered in various materials of construction to handle the most difficult job conditions.